The "Day of Inclusion" was authored by Assemblyman Mike Eng and designated in 2009 as such by means of California State Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 76 to be December 17th.

On December 17, 1943, the Magnuson Act repealed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and marked a turning point regarding society's harsh attitudes towards immigration and immigrants. By repealing the "Chinese Exclusion" prohibitions, the United States expressed its commitment to continue to break down cultural barriers, appreciate differences, enrich cultural diversity, and further racial, religious and cultural tolerance. The hope and aspiration of America's future lies in embracing our shared differences.

December 17th, the Day of Inclusion, is a day set aside for all of us to remember and learn about the sacrifices and contributions of our immigrant heritage in becoming American by embracing our shared differences and common goals.